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This program is for you if...

You're sick and tired of feeling anxious, of being triggered by every little thing, reacting rather than responding and feeling like you're stuck in repeating patterns. If you're ready to dig deep into your childhood and start to understand the life events that made you who you are today, then you're in the right place.

This program spans over 5 weeks and focuses on exploring childhood and life experiences to comprehend our trauma, its influence on daily life, and developing skills to handle triggers in a positive manner. By finding the gap between trigger and reaction, we can consciously choose our responses, leading to a rewiring of the mind, a regulated nervous system and ultimately transforming our lives.

This is how we start to take our power back and heal so we can step into our full potential and call forth our dream life. It's time to remember how worthy, whole and abundant you are.

My Story

I call myself The Triggered Empath due to my empathic nature. Upon realizing this about myself, I dedicated years to learning how to navigate life as a hypersensitive individual. Initially, I struggled with explosive reactions to triggers, resorting to fighting as my primary survival instinct. This led me into abusive relationships, self-destructive behavior, and a constant state of volatility. 


Driven by a deep desire to understand myself, I started on a journey of self-discovery to uncover the reasons behind my coping mechanisms and constant triggering. Through a lot of exploration and numerous setbacks, I eventually had many insights that transformed my approach to life. With this new approach I created "Get in the Gap," a healing container birthed from my personal evolution towards a peaceful, less triggered and more regulated existence.


Drawing from my experiences and profound transformations, I created this container to assist others in understanding their own behaviours and navigating triggers in a constructive manner by connecting the dots between the root cause and the trigger. I firmly believe that our triggers serve as invaluable teachers, presenting us with opportunities to address past traumas, transcend limiting beliefs, and realize our highest potential beyond the confines of our past experiences and conditioned responses.

Inside the Program

Week 1: 

The first week is dedicated to the essential practices of self-care and self-love, emphasizing the importance of prioritizing these practices for our mental and physical well-being.

Week 2:

In the second week we divve into the concept of triggers - their origins, types, and the influence of trauma, upbringing, and conditioning on our adult selves. We initiate the journey of self-awareness by stepping into the role of observers, gaining insight into our thoughts, behaviors, and reactions.


Week 3: 

During week 3, we explore our inner child wounds, core beliefs, and the intricate workings of our nervous system in response to triggers. This week introduces a powerful tool for regulating our nervous system and reconnecting with our bodies through the practice of mindful breathing, quieting the constant chatter of the mind.


Week 4: 

Week 4 focuses on understanding how our environment and interpersonal dynamics shape our lives, introducing concepts like projections and mirrors. We delve into setting healthy boundaries, mastering the art of walking away from conflicts without triggering trauma responses, and releasing negative energy from our bodies and energy fields.


Week 5: 

In week 5, we unravel the science behind the brain and nervous system functioning, exploring the ramifications of prolonged stress on both mental and physical health. We dive into the realities of living in survival mode, as well as gaining insights into mental health disorders and diseases.

The container includes a journal workbook with prompts designed to guide you through reflections on your life experiences and the events that have shaped your present self. Encouraging a deep commitment to the healing journey, I've also included a bonus workbook, for those of you who want to go even deeper into your life experiences. It is very important to dedicate time each day to self-care, self-reflection and journaling. Journaling is a crucial component of the healing process, facilitating a deeper understanding of our psyche and aiding in the exploration of personal growth.


Moreover, the workbook also includes tips and tools to assist you in healing and the release of old, stuck and heavy energies that may arise during this time.

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